2009. június 14., vasárnap

Ma ez van./This is today.


2009. június 8., hétfő


Nem én kezdtem, J. Hoefler./I didn't start it, J.Hoefler did. :)
Az én kedvenceim:/My favourites are:
Gill from Ipanema (Tom Jobim)
Gill just wanna have fun/Curlz just wanna have fun (Cindy Lauper)
I can see Clearview now/ITC Clearly Now (Jimmy Cliff)
Bat out of Helvetica/Dingbat out of Hell (Meat Loaf)
Please, please Bell me now (Duran Duran)
Where Didot You Sleep Last Night (Nirvana)
Rock the Caslon (Clash)
Burning Down the House Gothic (Talking Heads)
Sign o' the Times New Roman (Prince)
I'm So X-Heighted (Pointer Sisters)
Fat Bodoni Girls (Queen)
Arial Black Magic Woman (Santana)
We will Rockwell (Queen)
I shot the Serif (Bob Marley)
All I Need Is The Arial Breathe (Hollies)
Lucida in the Skia with Garamonds (Beatles)
Across the Univers (Beatles)
Take a Chancery on Me/Take a Janson Me (ABBA)
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Times (Simon and Garfunkel)
Georgia on my mind (Ray Charles)
We are the Champion (Queen)
Highway to Helvetica (AC/DC)
Fade to Blackletter (Metallica)
Walk Like An Egyptian (Bangles)
Akzidenz Will Happen? (Elvis Costello)
Love Me Two Times Roman (Doors)
Knockout on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan)
Perpetua Change (Yes)
Walking in Memphis (Mark Cohn)
Shuriken Boys Don't Cry (Cure)
Arnold Böcklin Layne (Pink Floyd)
Rockwell Amadeus (Falco)
Dax the way (I like it) (KC and the Sunshine Band)
Joanna (Toto)
In-A-Gadda-Bodoni (Iron Butterfly)
Please Mistral Postman (The Marvelettes)
20th Century Schoolbook Schizoid Man (King Crimson)
Me and Mrs Eaves (Billy Paul)
Garamond My Wayward Son (Kansas)
Get Down Onyx (Kool & the Gang)
Running Up That Gill Sans (Kate Bush)
Bauhaus (in the middle of our street) (Madness)

Írj te is!/Just write one!

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