2011. november 13., vasárnap

Graphifest – 11.11.11., Budapest

Péntek egy klassz nap volt. Gábor „kis életmű” Arany Rajzszöget kapott az utóbbi évek kiemelkedő tervezőgrafikai tevékenységért./Friday was a stunning day. Gábor was awarded by a "small ouvre" "Golden Pin" for his outstanding activity in graphic design in the recent years.

A „Rajzszög”/The "Pin"


A kiállítás:/The exhibition:

Grafikai tervek: Logók + Expo Zaragoza, 2008 – magyar megjelenés arculat, Est.tv magazin arculat és egyéb tervek (website-ok, brosúrák és magazinok, sajtóhirdetések, strand matracok és társasjáték grafikai tervei)
/Graphic works: Logos + designss for Expo Zaragoza 2008 – Identity for Hungarian Pavilion, Est.tv Magazine Identity and others (websites, brochures and magazines, ads, sunbath mattresses and board game)

Forgalomban lévő fontok/Previously released fonts. 
Könyvtárak: Fontana (Szeged, Hungary), Fountain (Malmö, Sweden), PsyOps (San Francisco CA, USA), P22/International House of Fonts (Buffalo NY, USA), T-26 
/Foundries are: Fontana (Szeged, Hungary), Fountain (Malmö, Sweden), PsyOps (San Francisco CA, USA), P22/International House of Fonts (Buffalo NY, USA), T-26 (Chicago IL, USA)

Minerva font family was used by Return To Forever band for their website and 2008 reunion worlwide tour.
Tyrnavia font was one of ten typefaces used in Paul Feiton's book Ten Commandments of Typography (Merrell).
Zephyr was used on covers of Stephenie Meyer's famous Twilight series.

Aquamarine family was the official font of PsyOps' Dummy Series (shirts and postcards) presentation on TypeCon 2004.

Incognito font family (w/Terra Incognita) was listed on Tipographica's Our Favorite Typefaces of 2005 list
Zanzibar font was mentioned by Tipographica as one of the best selling scripts in 2004 (Veer says "Script Fonts Always Sell Better").
Both fonts listed on Veer's 2005 Bestseller list (among first 16).

Dessau font family was selected by Jürgen Siebert (Page, FontShop) for Tipographica's Our Favorite Typefaces of 2008(among top 40). This family was also used by Zsolt Czakó for the exhibition named "From Art to Life – Hungarians in Bauhaus" staged in Pécs (Pécs 2010 European Capital of Culture)


Tanja Huckenbeck and Peter Reichard (Typosition, Offenbach am Main, Germany) was invited me among others to send my favourite recipe, designed with one of my typefaces. (The recipe on the one hand/the alphabet, character set of my typeface on the other hand.)
The Klingspor Museum (Offenbach am Main, Germany) and its association of friends putted up a second exhibition TYPE IN GOOD SHAPE/SCHRIFT IN FORM (7–19.9.2010), in combination with a symposium are related to the issue of GUSTO, especially dealing with the matters of eating and drinking.
The symposium took place on Saturday the 18th of September providing with speeches in the morning and afternoon. On Sunday the museum’s collection is open to present their type specimens.

Forthcoming releases by HypeForType (Nottingham, UK) at BITS MMX Bangkok Exhibition (THA)
Apple Pie recipe/Zanzibar font sample at Typosition Exhibition, Klingspor Museum, Offenbach am Main (GER)


Following posters presented in exhibition Type doesn't grow on trees held by Cadson Demak (Bangkok, Thailand)Schrift in Form Bis

Type Specimen & Typo Poster Exhibition
19th August–31st October 2010
Alliance Française de Bangkok Library

Bangkok International Typographic Symposium
30th–31st October 2010
Alliance Française de Bangkok
Moda OT Pro Family
Adagietto OT Pro
Moon OT Pro

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